Tuesday, April 1, 2014

carpet diem

We are on the mend after a bad stomach virus that got the best of all four of us, at the same time. O h m y G o d. Ever since we moved to this apartment that boasts the "charm" of wall-to-wall carpet I have dreaded puke scenarios. And just as I recently thought: "Hey, we are soon leaving, and nobody has thrown up on the carpet... All that worry for nothing." we are hit by this horrible stomach bug that will not be forgotten for quite some time. Imagine us in the middle of the night. Me running to the bathroom where I by all means need to stay, Jonas waking up screaming from the commotion, and Silja calling: "Come help me, I have to throw up again." In the end no puke went on the carpet,  which I suppose is pretty good considering two small kids. We did however manage to (generously) pass on the stomach bug to our friend, who had invited us for brunch Sunday morning, when it all started with Jonas getting sick at their place. I feel so bad about that.

March marked the end of the workshops I have co-led on culture exchange. It's been a great little volunteer project and exercise for me on something I'm very passionate about, but as our time for departure is slowly approaching, it's time to spend my time and energy with getting ready for the move. I submitted my first real job application yesterday for a position back home. Uhh... I'm simultaneously freaked out and very excited about returning to Denmark with all that it entails. As for now Bjarni and I have a weekly meeting after the kids are put to bed, to sort out all the practicalities and discuss how to go about different things. I hope I can share more about this process as we move along: It's shifting between feeling organized and in control (I for example created a returning-home logbook), and completely overwhelmed by bureaucracy, rules and being dependent on good luck or pure coincidence.
 The carpet which is on top of the list of things that won't be missed.
 Culture Exchange workshop on Harvard through HSSPA (and I cut out the faces, because I didn't ask permission to post it publicly.)
Wednesday night = Moving-back meeting

Oversæt til dansk

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  1. We had stomach virus at the similar time. I thought it was just in the New York City.