Thursday, December 26, 2013

our december

This year our december has been filled to the brim with everything Christmas related, and as much as I have soaked up and loved the baking, crafting, listening to and watching Christmas music and TV shows, I'm very much ready to pack away the decorations now, and return to normal. So a quick Christmas-filled look back on our December.
When I look at the pictures we took this month, Silja seems to be in every single one of them. And for good reason I guess, since she was so stocked about all the extra surprises and sugar December is full of, which made it all the more fun for the rest of us. As is the tradition in many Danish families we had an elf (nisse) visiting us this year, who occasionally made tricks in our home, while we slept at night (a tea party for the teddys and dolls, turning our milk green, setting a festive table for breakfast etc.) and who put little surprises in Silja's stocking too. We had two snow storms during December, which covered everything in white and meant snow falling while decorating our (first!) Christmas tree as well as sled rides and snow angels. All the snow melted away a couple of days before Christmas eve, but it was fun while it lasted.
Christmas Eve was celebrated like we are used to: after extensive search we managed to find a duck for our dinner. We danced around the tree (as we do in Denmark) and opened presents. As an American twist Silja did what American kids do: She put out cookies and a glass of milk for Santa and carrots for his reindeers, and then we went to bed on the 24th, curious to see if Santa would stop by while we slept. And he did!! And how lucky he knew that what Silja wanted most of all was a scooter. Apparently he also knew that Jonas, who otherwise only babbles, wanted a train set. We hope both the elf and Santa figures out we will be on a different continent by next Christmas.
Merry Christmas to you!
Oversæt til dansk