Sunday, October 13, 2013

picking pumpkins (and where's next)

You guys, it is so so pretty around here right now. So many colors, still a lot of sun, crisp air, and then these American fall traditions, which we find ourselves adjusting to and finding excitement in. Hot apple cider, gearing up for Halloween, baking apple crumble and then of course getting a pumpkin or two. You can buy them in them in every store at the moment, but that isn't half as fun as driving to the country side to pick them yourself on a pumpkin patch. That's what I thought, because I had never tried it. But this weekend we went, and it was just as I had hoped.

And making the most of these American traditions and experiences has started to feel more valuable after we found out our stay in Boston is coming to an end. Bjarni got a grant and we will therefore move to Denmark (Aarhus). As it looks now, the move will probably happen by the end of next summer. We are so relieved to find out what's going to happen next, and I'm beyond excited to be in close proximity to everyone at home. Although nothing can beat the excitement of all that, we know we will miss this place terribly and hope to make the most of it until it's time to go. Pumpkin patches, halloween, thanksgiving and so on included...

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

picking up a teddy

This past weekend Silja traded off her pacifiers with a pink stuffed teddy bear from Build a Bear in downtown Boston. Picking up the teddy was a good excuse to stroll around the city center and enjoy the beautiful fall weather (and bringing along the camera for once). As for the lack of pacifiers she handles it surprisingly well. Our little girl is getting so big! It was a great ending to a for us very happy week with some good news. I will share more soon. 

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