Tuesday, February 11, 2014

pancakes and ballet

We are picking up American traditions and ways of doing things, which I suppose is an unavoidable part of living and taking part in another culture. It's sneaking in slowly, and although it's minor things, I can sometimes look at us from the outside and think: Wow, how did that happen. I'd like to think that living here has made me a much more polite and less-reserved person. I never swear in English (but do it a lot in Danish). On most weekends we eat pancakes for breakfast. I miss all the great bread from home with a proper crust, but in its absense pancakes have become a good weekend breakfast ritual: blueberry pancakes, banana pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes, it's all good! And now Silja has started a ballet class, which is a very common thing for little girls over here to do. It is too adorable to see all the little girls in their pink leotards, white tights and ballet shoes on their way to class, and being a pink-loving princess girl, I can totally see why this so exciting for her right now. At home she does shows for us with the help of You Tube videos. 
I'm sure we have "soaked up" a lot more American (and Austrian?) ways of thinking and doing things, which we first realize when we back in Denmark. For now we'll just enjoy the pancakes and plies. 

Oversæt til dansk