Wednesday, May 21, 2014

in transition

Eeekk! All of a sudden things are moving very fast here. Our departure date has changed and now we're leaving end of June (one month earlier than planned). All the pieces are slowly coming together: the container for our stuff is arranged, we got the plane tickets, a whole lot of moving gear, and Jonas' passport arrived in the mail today (An American passport, how cool is that? The Icelandic and Danish passport holder have been examining it thoroughly :) ) As for Denmark, we got housing set up for the first four months, and we even bought two bikes as well as a bike trailer for the kids. More specific plans makes excitement for the next thing a lot more concrete as well, but it's still bittersweet to pack our life together with all that has become familiar and comfortable here. I'm sure the last couple of weeks will go extra fast with packing, seeing and saying bye to friends, welcoming Bjarni's sister who is coming for a short visit, and getting around to our favorite places in Boston one last time. We have planned a last trip to New Hampshire too with Silja's best friend from preschool and her family just before we leave, so that should hopefully be a fun end to it all.
Before arriving to Denmark mid-August we will spend a month and half in Iceland, and both Bjarni and I are so excited to get to spend a good chunk of time there over the summer: Here comes sunny walks at 10pm, swimming in outdoor pools (also without kids, uuhh!), taking pictures of Silja and Jonas wearing their Icelandic sweaters with mountains and sheep in the background, eating lots of fish and getting back into driving again. As much as I can be so sad about leaving this wonderful place, I'm full of butterflies over everything that awaits.

Oversæt til dansk

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

spring fever

"I've got spring fever" Silja proclaimed over breakfast, and although I've never heard the term before, I think indeed that's what we all got around here. Everything is - finally - blooming and sprouting and we are spending as much time as we possibly can outside. On days with rain where we're stuck inside I'm wondering how I managed to spend all that time inside with the kids over those freezing months without loosing my mind. I suppose I did go crazy sometimes. Knowing we are entering our final months in Boston (we are leaving end of July), there is an unavoidable awareness too on thoroughly enjoying and cherishing the time we have here. And for my part, enjoying all this time I have with the kids. Soon enough we will be part of the hamster wheel of two full time working parents and kids in preschool/daycare with everything that includes.

In the past two-three weeks we've cheered on the Boston Marathon runners when they ran through our neighborhood. The atmosphere was extra happy and supportive after last years explosions, which I also heard from two friends who participated in the race. On Easter we ended up with a spontaneous somewhat Danish Easter lunch, which also included Icelandic schnapps and a speech by Silja. I had a week too with both kids full time as preschool was closed for spring break. We were lucky with the weather, and loaded the stroller for picnics, trips to the library, movie play dates with popcorn and to us new playgrounds. Although I can't help being a bit sad how quickly Jonas outgrew the baby stage (although he continues being our baby), I'm absolutely loving the freedom there is with two little kids, and how we can go pretty much go anywhere now and not have to think about special baby foods, several naps etc. He can be part of it all, especially now that he's walking, so long trips is enjoyable for everybody. Yes!

I hope you are enjoying spring too.

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