Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Like many newborns Jonas is slightly yellow here in the beginning and we've been recommended by the doctor to leave him undressed by a window in the sun every day for a short while. So there he is on a fantastic homemade baby blanket given by a friend, stretching his toes and looking at his big sister who wants to hold hands, sing songs, and give hugs.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013


He's here! A perfect, hungry and healthy little brother who got the name Jonas Egill Bjarnason (middle name after his paternal great grandfather in Sauðakrókur).

It all took a little more waiting than probably anticipated in the last post. Another snowstorm moved in and covered everything in white, and while there were signs of labor being close, nothing happened. Silja kept asking 'when is he coming, when is he coming', and finally suggested we should call him to ask when he was planning to come. At last I was given a time for induction, and gave up on the idea of going into labor on my own (again). We went out for dinner the night before I was going to the hospital, celebrating our last night as family of three. When putting Silja to bed I realized periodic cramps, and lo and behold it turned out I was having contractions. They continued through the night, and at 5am we woke up Silja, who was first confused but quickly ready to go and play with her little friend Leon as planned, when she heard that now the baby was ready to come. At the hospital I was admitted to a birthing room, feeling proud and happy that my body managed to get to this point on its own. I got an epidural, which worked absolutely amazingly and hours later a slippery and warm baby was placed in my arms, while Bjarni cut the umbilical cord.
He has been checked a little extra given the concerns that we faced during the pregnancy and thankfully thankfully everything looks good! He will continue to have a few extra check ups, but we are told there should be nothing to worry about. All tests, numbers and examinations are good. We are home from the hospital and although I'm sure these first days or weeks at home in any family are always a state of bliss with a newborn who is just sleeping, I think we enjoy this healthy baby boy a little extra. We were literally hours from ending the pregnancy back in the fall, and looking at him now it really feels like a little miracle that we made it this far with a perfect little being as the end result. If anything this journey has taught me that healthy babies are not a given outcome.

As for spring we still need to be patient. 10-20 cm of snow is expected on Tuesday, but really... who cares about that right now :)

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