Monday, April 21, 2014

a visit and a reminder

Look who came to visit last week. My dad! It was such a nice surprise when he called and told me, he had found an inexpensive ticket and asked if we wanted a visit two weeks later? Of course, yes! We managed to squeeze in a trip to the circus, a drive up north to Rockport, playground and cafe visits in the area, a grandpa drop off at preschool and a walk at the nature reservation World's End -- all in five days and amazing spring weather (and we were lucky with the weather, because two days after my dad had left, we woke up to snow -- yes, snow! It melted away before noon, but still.)

In addition to thoroughly enjoying the company, his little visit reaffirmed to me, why we are returning to Denmark. Returning back home after years abroad, turns out to more difficult than we initially expected. Whether it's just that or an attack of panic in terms of "we are returning to Denmark, it's the end of the excitement of living abroad" I'm not sure. As I write this I realize it's impossible to put a finger on one specific thing as there are so many things that impact our thoughts and feelings on this issue. Bjarni and I obviously also have different feelings, because Denmark is home to me, but not to him. Anyways, because of feeling frustrated with things and limitations in Denmark we have been flirting with the idea of moving somewhere else, initiated by Bjarni's work opportunities elsewhere. It seems crazy as we are so far along in the planning of this upcoming move, but somewhere else is tempting with other opportunities.
Well, then my dad arrives and I see Silja, who is so extremely happy, excited and proud to have him around. And that is what counts and what we can't find anywhere else. I want to move back because being in proximity to our extended family matters more than anything else. I know that living somewhere else, would be a life full of other great advantages and I'm full of admiration of those who choose to do that. For a while I thought it would be us too, but I have realized that with these kids that are growing with the speed of a rocket, I want them to feel connected and anchored to family and everything there is in Denmark. (And then it get's tricky... Because I want them to feel an equal sense of belonging to Iceland and the family and culture there -- that's another post for another time). The point is, there might be better job opportunities, higher salaries, more diversity (oh, do we strive with cultural diversity), but it just doesn't beat the benefits of those roots, we have that are long and well grounded back home.
It was a great great visit and a great reminder that came at just the right time. Tak for det far :)
We celebrated our two year anniversary in Boston on April 11th.
Oversæt til dansk

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  1. - Ja tak for det, Lasse :-) Vi er mange som gerne vil have jer "hjem" igen, og venter i spænding, mens I tager en svær beslutning.