Sunday, March 16, 2014

he's one!

This week our little American baby turned one, and can someone slow down time, because this little guy is getting too big too quickly. After weeks of taking a few steps on his own, he started walking a couple of days before his birthday. Now he is walking around, still a bit wobbly, looking like someone who had too much to drink, but making it through the hallway or from one end of the room to the other with his round belly first. Him and Silja are starting to have so much fun together. They have a screaming game, which is driving Bjarni and I completely insane: One screams, the other screams, and then they laugh *insert parent eye roll*. 
At one he likes music he can dance to, to snuggle (win!), hummus and cheese, things with wheels, playing with water (water in the toilet included...), turning lights on and off. He dislikes fresh fruit, having his teeth brushed, and not being allowed to play with the dishwasher and the dirty dishes. He now says achoo (atju) when someone sneezes, which I'm not sure count as a first word, but I think is very appropriate for our never-ending winter here in Boston. Next must be Bless you (eller prosit...)

Thank you Jonas for being such a laid-back easygoing baby, which has made this first year quite easy. 

Our birthday celebrations looked like this. First from the actual birthday which involved surprising presents from family in Denmark and then a birthday party this weekend. 
(Silja dressed in pajamas for pajama-day at school)
 She was super fast and had blown out the candle as soon as we were done with the song, and before I was ready with the camera. Oh well.
His first piece of cake -- which he wasn't a big fan of 

Oversæt til dansk

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  1. tillykke igen søde dejlige lille Jonas, familiens evige lille mirakeldreng :)