Tuesday, May 7, 2013

two years nine months

  • I cut her hair last week for the first time, and had to bribe her with a lollipop (despite much explanation she kept thinking it would hurt).
  • She has progressed from speaking English words to English sentences. She is very interested in the different languages she is in touch with, and is often asking or telling us what things are called in the different languages she knows.
  • If she could decide herself she would be having a pacifier in her mouth all day long (she is only allowed to have it for sleeping). I wonder how it will be when the pacifier has to go entirely?
  • She is currently so incredibly stubborn about what she wants to wear, and is testing our patience every morning when she refuses to wear most of her pants, and pulls everything out to look and try to decide an outfit. She prefers to wear pants and dresses simultaneously. We are quite excited for this phase to pass!
  • Her special friend is Ely from Israel, who lives in our building and is also in the same class as she in daycare. She tells us she loves Ely. Ely tells his parents and the teachers in daycare he loves Silja. Once they met on the way to daycare and held hands all the way. Reminding her that we might run into Ely in the morning if we hurry to get dressed sometimes work to ease the clothing crisis. 
  • Now that the weather is better she loves hanging out on the balcony and looks for people passing by on the parking lot yelling 'hi hi... bye.. have a nice day'. 
  • She is VERY excited about turning three in July.
Oversæt til dansk

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  1. Ha ha, åh fantastiske Silja! Jeg er helt vildt med tøjparaden :-) Jeg er spændt på om aftalen med at sende sutterne til DK holder når juli måned nærmer sig...