Monday, May 27, 2013


For the past many many months we have been counting down to welcoming my dad (morfar) and Else to Boston. Like many others who live far away from dear ones we use Skype and FaceTime to keep in touch, and my dad is so good at it! He has a stuffed animal he uses to keep Silja engaged and entertained, and as a result of our regular through-a-screen conversations Silja has developed a strong loving for morfar, although she only sees him in person a few times a year. I'm happy and thankful beyond words she (and hopefully eventually Jonas) can have a close relationship with our extended families despite long distances, because being far away from them is really the main downside to living abroad.

Weather wise Boston didn't really show itself from its most charming side during their visit, but there was time for touristy things like walking the Freedom Trail (about time for me..) and walking through Harvard Yard in Cambridge as well as just hanging out at our local playground, making puzzles and playing cards. It's a shame good times pass by so fast, but we are lucky to have more family coming soon, so the next count down has already begun. 
Oversæt til dansk

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  1. Dejlige billeder og ja vi tæller også ned. Næste gang er det nemlig vores tur - JUHU, hvor vi glæder os.