Friday, May 31, 2013

summer is here

The last couple of days have been H O T. Temperatures in the mid 30s have left us switching between blasting the air condition or hanging out on the balcony when it cools down or staying inside gets too boring. We made a picnic in the nearest park yesterday but that ended up being too hot, especially for poor Jonas. 
He is growing so fast. He has almost doubled his weight and is completely melting our hearts with his smiles and his new little laughter. He was seen by an orthopedic at Boston Children's Hospital this week, because two ultrasounds (postpartum) showed he was right on the border of having early hip dysplasia. We thought they were going to put a harness on him for a couple of weeks, but luckily the orthopedic thought the radiologists had overreacted and didn't understand why we had been referred. I left the hospital feeling like wasting time and resources with all these extra tests and examinations. It's all for the best, I know, but when all (thankfully!) turns out to be fine in the end, then is it really necessary with so many doctor visits. 
A bucket of water and Silja is entertained for a good while. We made a little garden box with tomatoes, bell peber, flowers and herbs (overkill?) and last weeks rain combined with this week's sun has produced a lot of new little sprouts. Yay!
I'm experimenting with homemade popsicles as a healthier alternative to the store-bought. Here is pureed watermelon with chopped peach and plum. Simple and good!
And one last one of these two... As they seem to end up on every picture I take.

It's Friday night, and Bjarni has promised to play backgammon and drink a cold beer with me on the balcony. Life is good! Hope you have an enjoyable and summery weekend.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. Hvor ser det hele sommeragtigt ud. Bedste nyhed var sygehus besøget med Jonas - han er jo fuldstændig perfekt, et sandt lille mirakel. Hvor bliver han stor og super super sød. Vi glæder os til at se de søde smil og høre hans latter, ihh hvor vi glæder os. Når vi snakker om turen med børnene glæder de sig allermest til vi skal være sammen med jer. kh

  2. AJ, hvor er han altså bare blevet stoor - og god til tummy-time ;-)
    Dejligt for Silja at hendes elskede morfar kom på besøg; hun har godt nok glædet sig længe!

    Nyd varmen, de kolde øl og hinanden.

    Kærlig hilsen Jane.