Tuesday, January 1, 2013

about being spread out

We are back in Boston after a long nice break back home. A trip that reminded me that our ties are spread over many places, which on one hand is great and satisfying as we belong and are welcomed several places. We get to feel at home with the spectacular views of Northern Iceland, the food and the friends in Reykjavik, and the extended socializing around a dinner or lunch table in Denmark.
And then we return to our home here, and slip back into the way of life we have here. It's all good being spread out like that, but going 'home' to reconnect and coming 'home' again after that carries a bittersweet reminder that thoughtful and fun grandparents and aunts and cousins and friends that really matters are also spread between large distances. If only we could see them all a little more often.

I hope you all entered 2013 with proper celebration. I woke up to the new year with a wide awake toddler at 6am -- blame it on the jetlag. Happy New Year to you from Boston!
 Oversæt til dansk

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