Thursday, July 5, 2012

independence day

Yesterday we ventured into the city center along with thousands and thousands of other people to celebrate the American Independence Day. I was rooting for a real American 4th of July parade, when trying to make plans for the day the night before. We saw one when we lived in LA, and I figured firetrucks on parade, music, and little kids dressed in red, white and blue would be fun for Silja (and me!). Well, turns out Boston is the 'Olympics of 4th of July' according to a TV announcer, and they don't just do a parade. They have a whole festival spreading out over a week culminating in the 4th of July, which is packed with events ending with a massive firework show over Charles River. It was a beautiful summer evening, which unfortunately ended in a downpour. At that time we were luckily already home, watching the fireworks on TV. Happy 4th of July!

... and P.S. I spotted the dance walker by City Hall. Do you know him? If not, you need to see this and this clip. I promise it'll make you smile. I'm building up confidence to try it out. 
Oversæt til dansk


  1. Ha ha, hvor er det godt Dorte. Så er det da bare om at komme med på den dansebølge. Ih, hvor jeg morede mig. Tænker tilbage da du sidst dansede rundt i Wien med pensionisterne, der lugtede af cigar :) Super super fedt klip, jeg glæder mig til vi skal over og danse ned af gaderne sammen med jer. kh

  2. Ahh! You saw Joe! What perfect inspiration to try dance-walking yourself!

  3. haha. the dance walking is brilliant!