Sunday, July 29, 2012

celebrating two

Silja turned two earlier this week, and has been celebrated with several cakes, birthday songs in different languages, balloons and presents - including a bike helmet which she loves. We had her little friends over this weekend, and it was like seven little monkeys were let loose in the apartment, but it was fun and absolutely great to have a proper birthday party for her.
At two she speaks mostly Danish, but understands everything Bjarni says to her in Icelandic. There is a couple of words she always says in Icelandic: lika (also) and labba (walk). Her English vocabulary is slowly expanding: She will sometimes say thank you to us, instead of tak/takk, she walks around and tries to count to ten by herself, which goes well until four and then she continues in Danish, and she sings parts of English/American songs she has learned in music class: twinkle twinkle, ABC, ring around the rosie, bah bah black sheep, old macdonald (ol mafonal). We never hear her say any German words anymore, which is obviously quite understandable, but still a little sad, because Bjarni and I really liked those little German words coming from her. In September she'll start day care (just two days a week), and it'll be interesting to see how that affects her language.
She loves being with other kids and is not shy of walking up to them to say hello or give them a hug, she constantly has scratches and blue marks because of running everywhere (so wearing a helmet is not a bad idea). Lately we've also said hello to this little crazy kid that demands we HAVE to leave the stroller outside instead of inside, and she HAS to have that dirty stick with her, because otherwise it's the end of the world and she will lay down and screeeam. Ah yes.. those are fun times.
But in the end she is of course the cutest, brightest, funniest little person, which her mamma and far can't stop squeezing all day long.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. "she constantly has scratches and blue marks because of running everywhere (so wearing a helmet is not a bad idea)."

    Sounds like she takes after her old man.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Nice to hear from you. Please drop by the next time you're here, all two and a half or three of you.


  3. Happy Birthday to Silja! It looks like you've got a large group of friends to properly celebrate with.

  4. ahhh, it looks like she had a lovely day!