Friday, July 4, 2014

fun in new hampshire

Four days ago we arrived in Iceland after a hectic last week in Boston. Before I get to the final week's craziness (everything did go quite smoothly) and all the new as well as familiar impressions we are currently taking in here in Iceland, I had to post these pictures from a fantastic little trip to New Hampshire we went on two weeks ago.
We had been talking about going to New York for a long weekend, but ended up with some unexpected health insurance expenses, so instead of expensive New York, we decided to join some friends to New Hampshire. And we were so happy we did, because it ended up being a way more child-friendly trip, and having gone to the same area the past two summers, it felt like a good way to end our stay. We had lunch at the diner, where we'd eaten the first summer when I was newly pregnant and very nauseous and had to stop to eat, and where we'd brought my family on our way to a summer house last summer. I find that it's little details like that make one so sentimental when you are about to leave or perhaps it's just me. We drove through the White Mountains and stayed at a great motel with an amazing playground (check out the tree house below) and Silja had a BLAST with her best friend Brielle and her sister Naomi, which was really cute. We also went to a theme park for younger kids, Story Land, where aside from rides and shows, the girls joined a tea party hosted by Cinderella herself. 
There were big and happy hugs and arrangements of sending letters and drawings back and forth when we said goodbye to Brielle and her family, and headed back to Boston with two kids sleeping on the backseat, with a big moving container scheduled to arrive the following morning... (And that's a cliff hanger, because the next post is about getting everything packed and moving along for new adventures in Iceland). 

Happy 4. of July to our American friends!
Oversæt til dansk

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