Thursday, June 19, 2014

one two three boxes

It's full-on summer atmosphere in Boston, and as much as I am excited about spending the summer in Iceland, I'm also thankful for getting a couple of weeks with high temperatures where we blast the A/C, hang out on the balcony at night and head for the playgrounds with sprinklers during the day. 

I lost count of the moving boxes we've packed at this point. They are slowly taking over the space in the living room, as drawers, shelves and closets are emptying out. It's amazing how much stuff you accumulate in just two years, and I can't help but wonder how much one really needs. A guy picked up the TV last night and someone is coming to get the couch on Saturday, and meanwhile Bjarni and I are high fiving each other about being on top of our schedule so far. I hope it continues to go smooth as we move into the last stretch of moving frenzy on the US side.

Next week will be hard as it will be full of goodbyes, and I am terrible at that. But first a lot of fun as we take a break from the packing: a reunion with Vienna friends tomorrow and a two day trip to New Hampshire with other friends over the weekend. Yes, we are so ready and excited for this little trip.

Pictures from the previous two weeks.
We had a yard sale on Father's Day, and Silja was "in charge" of the lemonade stand. 
Face paint by Anna and Elsa at a friend's birthday party. She was too shy to say much, but said it was the best day ever on the way home.
Sorting pebbles from the baseball field.. Putting the good ones in his mouth :/

Oversæt til dansk

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