Monday, January 20, 2014

january blues

There is another load of snow expected tomorrow, and as much fun as it's been this far, I'm sort of done with snow and ready for spring to come, although I know it's still far away. Last week Bjarni and the kids took turns being sick, and now we are trying to sort out some important questions related to our move, which is making life these days a bit stressful. The downside to all the wonderful experiences that comes with moving between countries (as well as being paid in one country and living in another) is figuring out different tax regulations, health insurances, and general university bureaucracy. Ugh! Moving with two kids rather than just Bjarni and I makes for a completely different need to have things in proper order from the beginning. Hopefully it will all get settled as we move along in our planning for what's next.

Pictures from a Sunday afternoon at home. 
Oversæt til dansk

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  1. Kids like phone/ipad: this is universal across populations! My little one (a few days born later than Jonas) will rapidly come over if he sees us use mobile or iPad.