Sunday, November 10, 2013


I fell asleep on the couch last week in front of the TV -- yes that's me now, mother of two and sleep deprived -- and woke up with a big knot of worry in the stomach, thinking I was still pregnant, and how would it all go with the baby (who throughout the pregnancy continued with big and small mishaps.) It lasted only a couple of seconds before I realized I had drifted off and the baby is fine! It's strange how I haven't had any particular reaction to all the worry that was part of the pregnancy after he was born, and then all this time after, I have this little moment where I'm reminded about the almost paralyzing worry that filled last fall and winter. 
Back in September we went to Children's Hospital for a follow-up appointment with his heart, and the cardiologist concluded his heart is normal and healthy. So although this is what we expected, it was such a relief definitively to be released from the health concerns we have had for him so early on.
That pregnancy has without doubt been the hardest time during our time abroad, and it reinforced my desire to go back home. Although we have been lucky to quickly develop an amazing network here, it just cannot compare with those who we (and probably me in particular) have known for years and years, and whose support you become so reliant on during a time like that. 

In a couple of days he will be eight months old, and he is developing so quickly at the moment. He is not crawling, but moving around everywhere on his butt and stomach, he pulls himself up, sits up by himself and prefers sweet potatoes and Cheerios (our little American). He has one tooth and the funniest person around is his big sister. He is such an easy-going little guy, who goes with the flow and doesn't complain much, and although it's just been eight months since he arrived (and brought peace along because of his healthy condition) it already feels like he has been around much longer. Lucky us to have him.
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