Saturday, November 30, 2013

a thanksgiving birthday

This year Thanksgiving collided with Bjarni's birthday, so it was a good excuse to have people over. It all fell into place the day before: four families with eight adults, four little girls and three babies. A Jewish American family, two Israeli families and us, so of course our get together also called upon a celebration of Hanukkah, which is going on now until December 5th.
We started out with pancakes for breakfast, saw the big Macy's Thanksgiving parade from New York on TV, and spent most of the afternoon preparing all the side dishes to the Turkey that was already cooking in the oven. As if there wasn't enough to celebrate already Jonas started crawling. He is obsessed with Bjarni's guitar, and it was when Bjarni left it on the floor he decided to move over crawling-style to get his hands on it. 
Silja couldn't wait for four little friends to come over for dinner, so by 3:45, 15 minutes before the guests arrived, she passed out on the floor (5th picture), and was very confused when they were all here, and we had to wake her up to head downstairs to our friends and guests shortly to light the Menorah/Hannukah candles. In addition to the traditional Thanksgiving dishes we had latkes, potato pancakes, which are usually eaten for Hanukkah, and Bjarni had the best cake I have had for a long long time, made by our friend Dafna. 
It was such a great afternoon and night, and when I look at the pictures now, I can't believe we managed to actually fit all of us into our tiny kitchen area at the same time. 

Now we are gearing up for Christmas, which we will spent just us, for the first time over here. So some American traditions are probably sneaking into our own mix of Danish and Icelandic.
Oversæt til dansk

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