Thursday, June 21, 2012


The past two days have been HOT around here! Temperatures in the mid-30s. We tried a playground with sprinklers yesterday, but I learned on such hot days people just stay inside in the cool air condition rather than going outside. Over the last days we've been stood up for two apartments viewings. We thought we'd found the perfect place yesterday, and showed up half an hour before a scheduled open house showing, only to realize after a looong hot wait, the place had been snatched the day before. Today the manager never showed up although we had an appointment, but a sweet couple offered cold drinks and to show us their place. The rental market here is so aggressive, and we are currently spending both time and energy trying to find a place that suits our needs and falls within our budget (rent in Boston is supposedly among the countries' highest) . Over the weekend two different realtors will - fingers crossed - show us several places, and hopefully our next home will soon be settled.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. søde søde billeder Dorte, hvor bliver hun altså stor. Er helt pjattet med der hvor hun krammer Peter Pedal. Send gerne lidt varme til DK, vi kan til gengæld give lidt afkølende regn, mener vi har fået nok nu..... Håber lejlighedssøgningen snart giver pote. kh

  2. best of luck with finding a new place to live! never an easy task... and it sounds particularly challenging there! i've just been catching up on your blog and i'm glad to see all is well with you guys. i hope bjarni enjoyed his visit to oxford university!