Thursday, May 24, 2012

harvard commencement

Today was the big commencement ceremony at Harvard. We pass through the campus area more or less daily, and have followed the raising of tents, flags and hundreds and hundreds of chairs throughout the area over the last week. Coming from Denmark where graduation ceremonies are not such a huge deal, I really like how it's celebrated here. I like the graduation outfits (which we don't have), and with the two universities we've been affiliated with, I love the international feel because there are people from near and far coming to celebrate, talking so many languages and dressed up in such different ways.
Unlike USC the area was closed off for the public in morning, but we passed through later in the day. In general Harvard seems a lot more restrictive towards people not affiliated with the university; you need an ID to go anywhere and do anything. Fortunately they do have very good support and opportunities for the family members of staff, so I'm not complaining.

Oversæt til dansk

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  1. This restrictiveness is a new thing. And a shame, too. It used to be a very open, public space, well-integrated into everyday Cambridge life.