Wednesday, April 18, 2012

world's end and new beginnings

Sunday morning we went for a walk in the conservation park World's End near Hull Beach where we stayed. It was totally energizing with a spring stroll and to do what felt like a completely ordinary Sunday activity right now where everything is completely up in the air.
We left the beach behind yesterday, and traded off the smell of ocean and maids who come to make the bed, with a tiny apartment with a kitchen (yay!) in Allston, which is located across a Whole Foods market and a Babushka deli (whatever that is). We are going to stay here for the rest of April and then move on to the apartment in Cambridge, where we'll stay throughout the summer. Bjarni started work today, and I'm trying to get familiar with this new neighborhood of ours. If you happen to be in Allston/Brighton and see a woman frantically checking her phone for directions, while trying to keep an eye on a toddler insisting on walking up all stairs she comes by (and they are all over the place here) do say hi. It's likely us. We are currently out and about searching for flowers, scented candles, cleaning remedies to boost the niceness factor of this temporary home of ours. It really needs it!

Oversæt til dansk


  1. „babushka“ er russisk og betyder „amma“, check it out…

  2. Hvor er det dejligt at høre, at I er kommet godt frem. Det var fantastisk at se dig og Silja, inden I fløj videre på jeres eventyr. Vil glæde mig til at følge med på denne blog :o)
    Kram fra Bredballe.