Monday, April 30, 2012

cambridge, ma

We arrived to Cambridge yesterday afternoon. A city located next to Boston, home to Harvard and MIT, and where we'll stay until the end of August. This means we are finally unpacking our suitcases properly and opening boxes from Vienna. Silja has got her own bed again and has been reunited with her old toys from Vienna (happiness!). The owner upstairs has been by with a vase, so we can pick lilacs from the front yard. So all in all we're off to a good start.
I'm brewing on several posts, but there has been and still is so much to do. And probably things have to settle a little more, before I'm able to explain all the thoughts and new impressions I and we are currently bombarded with. I hope I can get to it soon though.
Pictures above are from our new place and from a quick stroll through one part of Harvard campus and Harvard Square, which is five minutes from us. (Bjarni's lab at School of Public Health is located in Boston and not Cambridge.)

Oversæt til dansk

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