Sunday, September 22, 2013

a sister visits boston

Thursday evening we said goodbye to my sister and niece, who was here for a week to visit. After they left Silja found a box of kleenex and kept saying through tears that she missed Camilla, her cousin, and that she wanted to go and play in her house. After the kids were put to bed I opened a box of Ben and Jerry's and tried to comfort my own living-far-away-from-family-sucks-feeling, which pops up every now and then. And that's how it is when living far away from home. When we get to see family, it's in large intense chunks rather than just over a cup of coffee. On the upside it makes for some memorable days with lots of time to talk, be and do things together, on the downside getting to be so close together also makes it hard to part and resume to normal, where Skype calls and text messages just isn't the same. After a couple of days of adjusting to being just us again, we are back into the our own rhythm thinking back on all the fun we had over the past week.

While they were here, Jonas got baptized. He was too big and chubby to fit the baptism dress which my mom made out of her wedding dress, and that all of us children and grandchildren have been baptized in. But everything about this baptism was different so the clothing seemed secondary. The priest who got to know us a bit, used a ceramic bowl inside the baptism font, which she gave us/Jonas as a concrete thing from that day, now he (likely) won't grow up near that church. I thought that was such a thoughtful gesture. How to bring along and be able to share the memories and experiences we make to such small kids as ours when we are on a go, is something we sometimes wonder how to manage. I think it's great we can one day point to the bowl, when we eventually settle down (in Denmark, Bjarni...) and say 'when we lived in Boston, this was the special bowl that was used for your baptism'.

Pictures from the past week. Silja is requesting more nail polish after Camilla and Anette's visit.
Oversæt til dansk

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  1. Dejligt med søster-besøg! Og tillykke med Jonas' dåb :-)