Sunday, July 14, 2013

new hampshire

We are back from an amazing trip to New Hampshire, where we vacationed with my sister and her family. We have been counting down to and planning their visit for many many months, and Silja was close to being in heaven, when the cousins she admires so much, finally came (with a stopover in Boston) to play with her toys, in her house and went to see her playground. It's been so so good to have lots of time to just hang out and relax in each other's company. So much so that New Hampshire felt very quiet and a bit lonely when they had to travel back to Denmark, and we stayed for another couple of days. 
The past week we have been swimming in Lake Winnipesaukee, eating pancakes for breakfast on the porch, had an early celebration for Silja's upcoming birthday, introduced the visiting Danes to American donuts and s'mores, oh, and slapped about 4000 mosquitoes. It's felt so much like summer and vacation, and in addition to the loveliness of simply being with family, it's been great for us, who otherwise always vacation in Denmark or Iceland, to see another part of the US.
And fingers crossed the post-vacation-zen lasts a while. In this moment Bjarni is packing a suitcase and is getting ready for a week in Berlin and Reykjavik for work. I'm taking deep breaths and am bracing myself for eight days alone with a four-month-old and (almost) three-year-old, and a dad on a different continent than the rest of us. I have told them to be nice, and that getting sick is completely, and by all means completely forbidden. But of course I can do it, manage a week alone, and I've made a list of happy things we will be doing this coming week, when Bjarni is away. It includes among other things to dance at least once a day and to eat ice-cream with sprinkles. I'll keep you posted how it goes...

Oversæt til dansk  

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