Saturday, October 27, 2012

head of the charles

We went to see the Head of the Charles Regatta last weekend with rowing boats going up and down the Charles River. It had been raining and lightning like it was the end of the world during the night, but then it cleared up in the morning and was such a pretty day with fall colors and rowing boats on the river. 
At the moment we are trying to figure out to what degree to prepare for hurricane Sandy. Massachusetts has declared a state of emergency, and our electricity company and Harvard have sent emails about the importance of stocking up on water, flash lights, food, and medicine if needed. Apparently the power might go out for several days. The whole scenario is completely foreign to a Dane and an Icelander, and I suppose quite unusual for the locals here too. Fingers crossed it won't be too bad for this region or for all those further south.

Oversæt til dansk


  1. Head of the Charles was always a favorite of mine. It often snuck up on me as a pleasant surprise, seemed to always be the weather's last big hurrah before turning sour for the winter, and brought with it an air of festive fun and color.

    Can't help much with the storm. I always thought of those things as an excuse to stock up on cake and pie. Nothing better than sitting around the house, watching wild weather exploding safely outside, and confidently knowing you've got plenty of pie.

  2. fingers crossed the storm doesn't hit too hard. stay safe!